03 January 2014

A Poem: Grace Gifts

An expression of my gratitude for the gifts in my life from God's boundless Grace

Grace Gifts

As I stood wondering before the alter,
As I shared my vows, Would I falter?
I fixed my eyes upon that face,
And there I saw God’s Amazing Grace.
No o’erwhelming pause remained,
God filled my heart with Joy sustained.

Life rolled on toward the tomb,
Years rolled on with empty womb.
Though sadness tinged my heart each year,
His heart, his caress would dry my tear.
A child of our love to hold,
Could God’s blessings be so bold?

A dozen true years of love we shared,
Till unmatched blessing showed how God cared.
Our love full circle He brought us without rift.
A son for us was His great gift.
I fixed my eyes upong that new face,
And knew there God’s Amazing Grace.

By D. Denise Dianaty
© 02 January 2013