12 December 2017

Voices of Hope

The Players
     Angels: Afriel [penned by D. Denise Dianaty]
Zadkiel [penned by Kara Lynn Goode]
Jophiel [penned by Clive Tilley]

Humans: Son of Adam [penned by John Gabriel]
Daughter of Eve [penned by Rita L. Severino]

Introduction by angels in unison - offstage [penned by D. Denise Dianaty]
                            A trio of Angels… a-watching,
                            Guiding fragile humanity…
                            These three always and ever hoping
                            Mankind o’ercomes petty frailty…

                 Afriel: In this season of expectation
                            Afriel, angel o’Hope and Youth
                            Inspires in all new contemplation
                            Planting frail seeds of Peace and Truth

             Jophiel: I am come, not with flags and fanfares.
                            But Hope and inspiration bring.
                            Can we but take away mankind’s cares
                            And renewed, yuletide praises sing?

              Zadkiel: I am Zadkiel, the third of nine, 
                            Share my comfort and kindness,
                            Time to find a guiding light to shine;
                            Calm serenity in darkness.

                            Afriel, dear angel Jophiel,
                            What has become of brother man?
                            Do they need a reminder gentle,
                            The Christmas season is at hand?

              Jophiel: A light you seek to aid humankind
                            Th’Light given e're 2000 years
                            Yet these mortals do not seek to find
                            That sacred peace that knows no fears.

                Afriel: What more may we say to wayward man?
                            Oft and oft reminders we’ve lent…
                            Peace gives way to war since time began…
                            Burned up the hopeful Youth we’ve sent.

              Jophiel: Pestilence and plague sent t’give them fright
                            A thousand peaceful prayer desires
                            And I’ll wash away their love of fight,
                            A thousand sparks t’light cleansing fires.

             Zadkiel: Often I despair and then delight,
                            Cru-el but kind these men can be,
                            Care for more than kin on Christmas night,
                            Hope is alive ‘neath the trimmed tree.

                Afriel: Angel Jophiel, what’s that shines there?
                            Bright shines Heaven’s light upon earth.
                            Man rushes in to soothe plague’s scare.
                            They still seek peace in soul’s Rebirth.

              Jophiel: Like moths they gather beneath God’s light
                            Each holds aloft a candle flame
                            On Cringle’s eve, they pray for Earth’s plight
                            Hearts lift with carols in His name

                 Afriel: I hear the music, Hosanna’s Ring
                            Hearts and minds raised in gratitude
                            Hands lent for Hope and comfort to bring
                            Bending to feed His multitude

              Zadkiel: I hear people sing with open hearts,
                            See them joyful with season's cheer, 
                            Continuing on through fits and starts,
                            Never surrendering to fear.

      Son of Adam: The seed of Adam I am become,
                            Man’s image here on earth’s domain,
                            With sins planted on my brow the sum
                            Of all his hopes, desire and pain.

                            As we come towards the Savior's birth,
                            Not all are here to celebrate,
                            To many just  gluttony and mirth
                            Or pain and hunger is their fate.

                            Though many good men do selfless deeds
                            Not ALL men of faiths gather here,
                            Still  they will show love for those with needs,
                            Easing hunger, cold, thirst and fear.

             Jophiel: Can they sustain across a year's span?
            Zadkiel: God's love and light does live in you.
               Afriel: The Song of Heaven rings new in Man
            Angels - Unison: Son of Adam doth hope anew

Daughter of Eve: Eve's own heir, I nurture fragile life
                            Mother's faithful heart beats within
                            I hold Earth's future, my wishes rife
                            For true brotherhood to begin
                            As Yuletide fills each heart again
                            Their hopeful voices sing as one
                            They harmonize with righteous men
                            The advent of the Dawning Sun

                            So hearken now the joyous news,
                            The melody and each bell’s toll,
                            For in these notes my hope renews
                            That humankind can be made whole

                  Afriel: The hope renewed in Man doth shine forth
                Jophiel: In all tongues shall man’s faith increase
               Zadkiel: From lips of Man and God love shall poureth
              Angels - Unison: Daughter doth raise up Hope and Peace

                 Afriel: Harken, eternal companions mine
                            Mankind doth join Heaven’s chorus
                            Youth and inspiration brightly shine
                            They heed the call to Peace from us 

             Zadkiel: The hour is nearly upon us all,
                            From every corner gather,
                            Men who have answered His holy call,
                            Join with the Spirit Son and Father.

              Jophiel: Relived in that first star's shining light
                            Tonight, men sing 'neath His banner
                            We our tasks complete this holy night
                            Angels all now sing “Hosanna!"

Conclusion by angels unison: [penned by Kara Lynn Goode]
                            Standing vigil we stars from afar,
                            Three angels to shelter and guide,
                            Bowing to worship on the altar,
                            We shall ever be by your side.

Afriel - Traditional angelic lore informs us that this being of light safeguards young life, and is also considered to be protective of that which is youthful and tenderly growing within each of us, no matter how old we actually are. Afriel is believed to grant youth, vigor and vitality and is prayed to for these gifts and attributes. Afriel encourages newness and exploration, offering guidance to those who dare new thoughts. He inspires our spirits with hope, promise and a belief in the ideals of youth. An angel considered to be protective of children and young animals by thwarting the designs of the female demon Obizuth who would see them destroyed. He is also an angel of force (power) who may be Raphael in disguise. 

Zadkiel Angel of Prayer " An angel of solace, charity and gentleness. Zadkiel is an angel with several different identities, depending on the reference. In a Theological Discourse of Angels, by Benjamin Camfield, Zadkiel is the angel of Jupiter. Because he is the ruler of the sign of the zodiac of that planet. According to the Zohar, Zadkiel is one of two chieftains who assist Michael when the archangel goes into battle. Zadkiel is also said to be a co-chief of the order of shinanim (along with Gabriel) and one of the nine rulers of heaven, as well as one of the seven archangels presiding next to God. In rabbinic works, Zadkiel is the angel of benevolence, mercy, memory, and chief of the order of dominions. But perhaps the most common identity of Zadkiel is the one presented in the Bible, where he prevents Abraham from sacrificing his young son Isaac to God. We pray to-this sacred one for comfort when we are in need of gentle guidance. Zadkiel also kindles a desire for spiritual development in humankind. He guards the powers of invocation; the best known and most powerful form: prayer. Zadkiel will facilitate the healing and transcendence of unhealed energy generated from painful experiences so that we may realize forgiveness. Upon our request, Zadkiel will assist in our releasing, healing and transcending negative thought patterns and negative beliefs that we developed within the illusion of self defense against painful experiences and against unbalanced relationships.

Jophiel - The Archangel of art and beauty, is the patron of artists, helping with artistic projects, thinking beautiful thoughts, to see and appreciate beauty around us. Helping to create beauty at home and at work, Jophiel illuminates our creative spark by giving us ideas and energy to carry out artistic ventures. He also helps us to see the beauty in all things, including people. You know Jophiel is at work if you are searching for answers to the questions in your life and wish the greater wisdom to be revealed to you, and all of a sudden you experience flashes of insight in which everything suddenly becomes clear. ("The Beauty of God") By some accounts Angel Jophiel guarded the Tree of Knowledge in Eden, drove Adam and Eve out of the Garden of Eden, and watched over Noah's three sons His symbol is a flaming sword.

Son of Adam - The representative voice of wider humankind, both male and female, throughout the world. The character speaks on behalf of human society.

Daughter of Eve - The representative voice of the soul of humanity in humankind, both male and female. She speaks of the hopes for future generations.

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