30 June 2015


Is there anyone reading this who wouldn’t like to see MODESTY return to our culture? It seems that TMI has become the rule of the day. “Over-sharing” is now a thing. “Over-exposed” used to mean casting too much light onto a negative when taking a picture, or burning the image too long into the photo-paper when you printed the picture. Those terms sound like they should be something to avoid; yet, they seem to have become common goals in our social-media driven culture. Modesty in any form has become itself a cultural wrong. 

You don’t wear short-shorts? What’s wrong with you? A one piece bathing suit… without cutouts or see-through bits; and with a cover up too? You must be Taliban or something? You’re single and don’t have sex? Something’s wrong with you You’re Christian and straight but don’t loudly preach it and condemn gays? You’re not Christian enough. You’re gay and don’t shout it from the rooftops? You’re ashamed. You’re a liberal? You’re wrong-headed! You’re a conservative? You’re an idiot! Why aren’t you sharing post-coital selfies? You’re a prude! You PRAY before meals? What planet are you from?

Frankly, I’m tired of knowing what’s going on in anyone’s bedroom. I’m tired of the government and the too-cool-for-God, too-connected-for-compassion world trying to see into other people’s personal and private lives. I’m tired of being made to feel there’s something not right in me because I won’t make my private life into public entertainment. 

Just look at reality TV. Is there anything about it that’s not just plain mortifying? When did mortifying become entertainment?

What happened to having just a few, select friends you could count on to be there for you and to inspire you to be better person. What in our culture is failing people that they now need to make every aspect of life into a public and humiliating spectacle?