16 July 2016

TrumPence For Trolls!

Sung to the tune of that old Mary Poppins favorite: Feed the Birds,” inspired by the phrase: "Tuppence a bag”

Early each day raise your arms high-heil!
Th’orange lizard reprobate
In his own special way calls the sheep-trolls to pledge,
“Pledge your allegiance to me;
Teach Mike to bend so low,
Show how you hate
All that’s compassionate hope.
The young ones are hungry
Their hope is so rare…
All it takes is TrumPence from you
Feed the hate, TrumPence demands
TrumPence, TrumPence, TrumPence, for trolls.
Open your gaping maws wide…
For the gilded sh*tstorm, take in.

All around the country, and the world and the towns
The orange lizard king claims
With those lips so puckered,
Past his fingers so small, 
He will keep telling us,
“Words, I have words, the best words.”

Though his words are simply of hate
Listen, listen, he's calling to you
"Feed the trolls, TrumPence for trolls
TrumPence, TrumPence, TrumPence for trolls!”

by D. Denise Dianaty
© 16 July 2016
Edited 18 July 2016