16 January 2013

Armed Teachers?

The NRA leadership, specifically Mr. LaPierre, has said we should put armed guards in schools and arm the teachers. I have a few questions.

“Where’s the money coming from for armed guards? Schools are eliminating programs. Teachers are underpaid. Class sizes are too big and getting bigger. All due to funding issues. Many schools can't provide current texts for all students. School bus routes are being reorganized to crowd more kids on the bus (3 to a seat instead of 2). What else would LaPierre cut from our children’s eduction to pay for armed teachers?

There's no good evidence guards prevent gun violence. How many banks are violently robbed in this country? Is there a bank WITHOUT armed guards? 

Did the guards, resource officers, school cops, etc. prevent tragedy?

How many big city precincts are within sight of violent crime being perpetrated? 

How much prison violence occurs in front of armed guards?

Will LaPierre pay for the arming the teachers? Will he pay for the weapons issued to those already income-depleted teachers cannot afford them? Where will he find these guards and teachers who will magically do what no other on campus responders have been able to prevent? The Secret Service could’t prevent the assassination of Lincoln or Kennedy. They couldn't prevent the shooting of Reagan and Brady. Will LaPierre’s armed guards and teachers succeed where the Secret Service cannot?

Does LaPierre even know any teenagers? Do we really want to put guns in the hands of people who teach the MOST obstructive, rude, impatient, aggressive, and annoying individuals? Has he ever met teenagers? These are fully-actualized people actively self-empowering more every day as they rightfully claim more independence in their exploration of their own personhood. But that comes with growing pains for the entire community. Individually, teens are every parent’s nightmare. Collectively, they’re more prone to mob mentality than any group I can think of. How many armed teachers will shoot a student before we’re in an uproar over teacher-on-student violence? 

How will we keep a clever, but disturbed kid from going on a shooting spree with the teacher’s conveniently on-site gun?