29 January 2013

Reasonable Folks

Okay. Here's what the gun issue needs: reasonable gun owners who speak out against unreasonable weapons. I know many people, very dear to me personally, who own guns. Guns for hunting, or protection. He never talks about it, but I'm certain my brother-in-law, a long-distance trucker, owns a hand gun that he carries with him on those long-hauls for necessary protection. Let's face it, it IS a dangerous world and some professions are more dangerous than others. Like-wise, my farmer brother-in-law owns guns for hunting and protection. Any farmer who’s ever had to deal with something after his livestock, or in the underbrush when he's clearing it out of the woods that stand next to his fields would find a gun necessary.

These, to me, are reasonable gun-owners. No one wants to take away their guns. They don't seem to believe anyone is trying to take away their guns. But, as with most politicized issues, the middle of the road, reasonable folks go unheard. Neither polarized side is interested in what they have to say.

Let's find these people. Not just for the gun-issue. Let's listen to them. Let's turn away from the extremes of every argument in today's headlines. If we do, we might finally achieve solutions out of those headlines.