20 October 2013

Follow the Money

Follow the Money

I have an observation. They tell us that each generation pays into Social Security for the preceding generation. So, my parents paid for their parents and my generation is paying for my parents. Okay, there are way more Baby Boomers (my parents generation) than there is of the generation following them (the current generation). However, there was an even larger percentage more Baby Boomers than the generation that preceded them (my grandparents).

Now, the Baby Boomers have been paying in all their lives for a generation that they far and away outnumber. More than will EVER draw from the money paid on their behalf. But, our generation is supposed to support those Baby Boomers with a fraction of the pay-in to the system.

And, what about all those illegal aliens with falsified documents? Every time they're hired, it can take  months to get the warning that something isn't quite copacetic with their paperwork. All that time, their taxes and unemployment insurance and Social Security is taken out for every dollar they earn. Now, they just take those falsified documents and go somewhere else with a new set of falsified references and go through the same process again. Over and over and over until they are finally caught or legalized. So, who's tracking those Social Security contributions? 

Next, think about all those folks who work all their lives, dutifully paying in their Social Security. Then, when their kids are all grown, before they ever get the chance to collect that Social Security, they pass away. What happens to their lifetime of contributions?

So, where's all the money those hard working Baby Boomers paid in? Where's the money paid in under those false documents? Where's the money paid in by everyone who dies before they draw the first dime?