04 December 2014

Empty Soul

An introduction to Greedy-Greedy…

Empty Soul
Plagiarism is the enslavement of someone else's genius.

Greedy Greedy, riddle me this…
Rhyme me a rhyme from the black abyss
You bought it all and you’ll buy more.
There’s never enough ‘cause there’s nothin’ in you.
You’ll take and buy and steal and grasp,
Your greedy, grasping heart never satisfied.
No price, no fame, no infamy, nor glory gained
For you, Greedy Greedy, is never enough.

More and more and more and more
Sucked down into the black abyss…
Used up, discarded and never mourned…
“Cause more and more and more and more 
Is just… can never ever be enough.
Empty hands and empty heart…
And empty life brings empty soul, 
And soulless life gives no gifts.

The soulless stealing another's gifts
Gifts they lack because
They've emptied their souls
In hot pursuit of greed…
Inspiration… just another empty, empty thing…
A thing that can’t be bought by you.
So, Greedy Greedy, you steal it,
You claim it, you take it as your own.

You never give… you only take,
Wondering why… why your life…
Your empty life turned out this way.
Greedy Greedy, you think you have it all,
And have the right to ever and ever more,
Never understanding that all you take,
Draining you out, makes you
Ever and ever more an empty soul.