06 February 2015

Poem: "I Remember…"

© 2010 - OBX photos by D. Denise Dianaty

Ahhh… the things that fire the imagination along the shores of North Carolina's OBX (outer banks)…

I Remember…

I remember…
Sunsets on the beach 
where walked Edward Teach
Watching th' far horizon
Rolling seas t’keep your eyes on
Where Spotswood’s Maynard dread
took Black Beard’s pirate head.

I remember…
Dancing in the surf 'pon th' shore 
Where rumored Stede Bonnet trod of yore
Fancied him the Gentleman Pirate
When fell to Black Beard’s cunning t'was irate, 
Reinvented for revenge t’was Cap'n Thomas
Brought low, hung high by Cap'n Will Rhet’s promise.

I remember…
Sailing past Money Isle of William Kidd
where buried his treasure some say he did
Digging in the sand for treasure
All in all for a day’s leisure
Cap’n Kidd ran afoul his crew’s greed
T’was hanged high by politic’s creed

I remember…
Parties into the night t'would roll on
Where Charles Vane decried the king’s pardon, 
Threw in his lot with Teach,
Himself partied ‘pon the beach
Finally felled when t'hurricane beached him, 
Laid prey to rescued recognition’s whim

I remember…
The rocking, rolling fishing boat
In Ocracoke Inlet, Outer Banks moat.
John Rackham, th' peacock Calico Jack romanced
Anne Bonney ‘neath Jolly Roger’s laughin’ skull danced
Till cowardly hidden below, left love to fight
Then Barnet carried to his Jamaican last night

by D. Denise Dianaty
© 22 September 2014

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