01 February 2015

Poem: Listen Up!

Listen up, you too cool dudes!
Pay attention, ya “totally hoopy froods!”
I’ve got a secret I’m a waitin’ to tell…
But, some ladies don’t know… s’I ain’t gon' yell!

You opine and moan… you don’t understand us.
Hang about! There’s no need for such fuss!
The plain truth… I’m tellin’ ya true…
We really don’t understand you!

That’s not the secret I wanna share…
I don’t know… ya might not even care…
Still, here’s why she can’t help you understand her…
It’s silly but true… I think you’ll concur…

Not jokin’ when I say this… seriously, brother!
We ladies really don’t understand each other!

audio: https://soundcloud.com/momzillanc/listen-up

by D. Denise Dianaty
© 30 September 2014

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