28 March 2015

Poem: "Embrace the Joy!"

Sigh… The sun comes up again
And, I wake to aching pain
Yet, surely in each new day,
You will always hear me say,
“Embrace the Joy!” 

Life always beats us down and down,
’Til we think we just might drown.
But I woke today and in I breathed
My love about me is wreathed
Embrace the Joy!

The morning starts with a  hustle
all hurrying, scurrying bustle
My child’s homework to be finished
His smile ever undiminished
Embrace the Joy!

Jumbled beds we have to make
Childish rants we have to take
That first morning cup is waiting
My vat-o-coffee I’m anticipating
Embrace the Joy!

Have a cozy chat in the car
on a drive to school… not far
Sitting in carpool’s a frustration
But better than the bus station
Embrace the Joy!

No music on the ride home
Nothing but yammering DJs’ drone
It’s damp and drear outside
It’s peaceful and warm inside
Embrace the Joy!

Peace and quiet… just me-n-the dog
Space to write… for a mental jog
Cruise the Net for inspiration
Catch up with family across the nation
Embrace the Joy!

Pick up my boy from school
After sittin’ forever in carpool
To see his smiling, happy face
Charging the car in his rushed pace
Embrace the Joy!

Healthy dinner to make and serve
Hubby’s home to throw a curve
“What is that for supper?
“Can’t you fry it up in butter?”
Embrace the Joy!

The dishes are all done,
The day’s battles are won
It’s time to relax in hubby’s arms
And watch Disney’s insipid charms
Embrace the Joy!

The day is done… I rest my head
My lover and I lay upon our bed
Reveling in the smell of him
Close my eyes… ’til the morn again
Embrace the Joy!

by D. Denise Dianaty
© 30 September 2014

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