15 March 2015

Poem: What is Heaven?

What is Heaven to you?

Everyone is on their way somewhere
On the road of an orchestrated life
We all know Death is inevitable
But Death is not our destiny
Our destiny is to be held by the Divine
He knows every detail of our life
Though He sees us often stumble
He will never fail to take our hand
In us, there need be no shame

In His Mercy is Divine and matchless Grace

With the living breath of God inside us
Carrying us always forward to meet Jesus
And together walk those streets of gold
I may not know what Heaven will be
It may be beyond my wildest imaginings
But I know, as I walk and breathe in Faith
Heaven will always and forever be
Matchless and encompassing
Forever and in all infinity

The encompassing embrace of God

by D. Denise Dianaty
© 04 September 2014

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