27 July 2015


by D. Denise Dianaty

For each, a gift of generosity
From Granny's doting heart
I loved the Pop! Pop! Rattle! Tumble!
O'colored beads tossed within th'globe
Sister got the rolling scene pastoral
With tinkling, tumbling, music box sound

Run around and run around and run around…
Laughing… rolling 'em 'cross the ground.
Suddlenly… shockingly… Sister snatches that
Pop! Pop! rattling globe from me…
And toddles off with't joyfully
I'm left in a moment's consternation
O'er the injustice of it all…
A shrug… a giggle… Plop! I sit!
And happily twiddle round the scene pastoral
Delighted, enthralled with the tumbling
Tinkling, twinkling, music box sound
Chime and ting and chink-a-tink

Dash! And WHACK! Crashed 'cross my head!
Flash of stars and black blaze before my eyes
Bright twinkles on the edge of sight
Warm, itchy dribbles down my forehead
Sister giggles now and toddles away
Gone off now with both gifts - HEY!

D. Denise Dianaty
©30 August 2014

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