29 September 2015

Sweet Addiction

Sweet Addiction
by D. Denise Dianaty

Steam rising and dancing
Across the rippling midnight pool
The welcome caress of vapors
Sensual and inviting, 
The warming embrace of aroma
Now flooding ethereal white
Swirling deep to rise
Till clink, tink, clank, chink
The pool now renders
A devine decoction
That distillation of welcoming dawn
Smooth and rich and just right sweet

Porcelain vessel of joy!

by D. Denise Dianaty
© 25 August 2014

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22 September 2015

A Prayer of Mourning

Merciful and Loving God
Surround and hold us in your Grace. 
All who mourn today beseech your loving compassion. 
Grief has come to us beyond our power to comprehend or overcome. 
We ask you to guide us and preserve us, 
Lift our hearts and let us not be overwhelmed 
Nor turn against you in our confusion and grief. 
Hold our hands, Lord, as we walk daily 
Through this veil of sadness and tragedy. 
Carry us in your Love and Mercy 
Until we come again to a place 
Where we can look forward 
And again know your Joy and Peace. 
In the name of our Lord Jesus Christ


by D. Denise Dianaty
© 22 September 2015
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Prayer for Comfort

Merciful and Loving Father in Heaven,
You are the source of Light in the earth,
The comfort and freedom of my soul
Every day is a struggle, weighing upon me
The world moves on, bustling and wrangling
Lord, I stumble often in my Life’s journey
Feeling misunderstood and isolated
It’s a struggle to find the blessing of comfort,
To keep holding on to my peace and hope
Guide me Lord, be my strength and my comfort
You alone are my peace and my hope
I know yours will always be the steady hand
Which guides me and catches me when I stumble
Bless my heart with gratitude and peace
Guide me by your Grace and will in this world
~ Amen

D. Denise Dianaty
© 22 September 2015

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07 September 2015

Raining Autumn Fall

From CityandBaby.com

Raining Autumn Fall

Crunch, schlackle-khrackle, squish…
Phschluppa-khrieck-schlewmp and snap…
Through the late November wood…
Splinter, crackle, scrunch and smatter…

Flurry scurry and fly about.
Flutter and rustle, schlicha-klecha…
By the wet North Wind blown,
Bustling hither and thither and yon…

Falling, falling for Autumn down…
Brown frosted veins of former verdancy…
Crushing delicate detritus beneath
Footfalls under bare boned skeletal trees.

Whoosh and whish and rrurr…
Mechanized winds blow and push,
Pile high the last of Autumn’s fall.
Leap and fly, and land as they scatter!

Crinkle, crumble, crushed dead on the ground…
Rake them up and let's fly again,
To lie beneath as they flutter down

Reveling in the raining Autumn fall.

by D. Denise Dianaty 
© 13 Nov 2014

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