13 September 2017

Something Wicked Stalks the Light


In the gathering darkness, the echoing footsteps of something shadowed stalks your every step…

Something Wicked Stalks the Light

Nighttime walk down a lonely city street
Trailed by the echoing of another’s feet

Electric street lamps sizzling, a flickering
Create fluid shadows dancing, snickering

In the gloom… something wicked stalks the light
prowling in the shadows… just beyond sight.

Just there… right out the corner of your eye
Something formless… something undefined you spy

Creeping closer… closer… yet still unseen
Slithering… shambling… murmuring… obscene

Dark malevolence dwells in the darkness
You hear in the shadows a susurus

An itch prickles between your shoulder blades
Your small courage so very quickly fades

Breath catching… you gasp… “Breathe” you tell yourself
Walking ever faster, you hope for help

The steps behind speed up… keep pace with you
With a loud clomp, stomp, scramble… what to do?

Don’t look deep… don’t peer into the shadows
Or you’ll be lost… forever lost in fear’s throes

A light… gasp… right there… up ahead… just goes out
Shadows in blackening gloom there now sprout

In the dark, shadowed depths, blazing red eyes 
Feeding off the terror in your fear’s rise

A sudden turning taking you away
From that lonely path where those shadows play

D. Denise Dianaty

© 08 October 2014

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