01 November 2017

North Carolina Home Sweet Home

North Carolina images from mountain to shore
North Carolina Home Sweet Home
An homage to the North Carolina I’ve always known

Awake to a painted morning sky
Filled wscent of magnolia and Carolina pine
Reveling in a sun-drenched landscape
Of blossoming hydrangea and myrtle, crape
With azalea blossoms and fragrant rose
Wild jasmine and hyacinth perfume kiss thnose.
Climbing honeysuckle nbumblebees
‘Neath sheltering oak and towering maple trees
Mountain to coast steeped in mythic lore
Where evry native road leads to the shore
From homes of native red earthy brick.
A gentle, misty Southern wisdom flows thick
Wreathes the Grandfather’s Mountain spaces
Teaching unspoken lessons for the ages
Life is not hurrying – but savring
In this place… this home ever unwavering
God-kissed from misty mountain to roiling shore
This North Carolina home sweet home we adore.

D. Denise Dianaty

© 01 November 2015

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