14 May 2016

Is America becoming the monster?

What is this movement in our nation that has wretched-up Trump as the GOP’s best and brightest hope? I think it’s symptomatic of a deeper society wide disintegration. It’s so distressing I cannot adequately express how despicable and bone-deep horrifying I find it. It’s yet another layer of Hitler-esque rhetoric.

If elected, Trump will have his Muslim database,

Trump will have his wall and Latino immigrant expulsions;

McCroryism (that’s best way I’ve seen to define this new Jim Crow or McCarthyism standard codified by McCrory and his NC cronies, a standard spreading disease-like all across the nation) will criminalize transgenders, and won't stop until it encompasses all LGBTQ folk;

The entire GOP continues waging war on the middle class and working poor, and continues to grind the middle class down to join the ranks of the working poor wage slaves;

The libertarian styled agenda of the GOP would like to even abolish the minimum wage, but certainly wants to end Social Security and Medicare as we know it;

They want to go backward and penalize the sick and poor for needing healthcare… (the Nazis called them “useless eaters;”

The fundamentalists and evangelicals will have women at home, barefoot and pregnant with no right over our own bodies;

Higher education is already being priced out of reach and the GOP/libertarian agenda includes ending public schools;

…and an endless litany of much more.

It fully looks like history repeating itself. The way things are going, I fully expect Trump’s database to lead to internment camps at the least – the history of the internment of Japanese Americans in WWII overrides anyone’s disclaimer of that not being possible in America. A Muslim database will not stop with Muslims – those things never do. They’ll add every element of society that doesn’t fit their narrow vision to that database.

There seems to be a diminishing of the American ideal we’ve always cherished and held out to the entire world. America is supposed to be the safe haven… the bastion against the intolerance of hate-fueled fascism. Are we becoming the evil from which the world turned to us to escape? Is America becoming the monster we need to escape? Is that American ideal fading? Is it already lost?

by D. Denise Dianaty
© 14 May 2016

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