13 July 2016


The GOP has REPEATEDLY proven she is NOT GUILTY with a quarter century of FAILED “investigations” – squandering probably BILLIONS of our hard earned taxpayer dollars by now on trying to “get Hillary.” The Right can only parrot the paranoia and propaganda of the GOP and Faux Noise that Hillary Clinton just MUST-MUST-MUST have gotten away with something.

It couldn’t possibly be that there was nothing to find in their never ending witch hunt. The FACT is that the GOP is either lying or incompetent – I opt for both. Nothing makes a witch hunter madder than that their victim not being found guilty. How DARE she be NOT GUILTY.

The truth is that the only thing the GOP has really successfully achieved in the last three and a half decades is to convince people that the RULE OF LAW in America, still – for now, at least – predicated upon the principle of “innocent until PROVEN guilty” need never apply to Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Their philosophy remains: How DARE she be NOT GUILTY! Crucify her anyway!