04 October 2016

Prayer for leaders and @HillaryClinton

From FB “Methodists For Hillary
This prayer was crafted from Hillary Clinton’s own words when she was asked for whom and what she prays.

Merciful God of grace and solace, 
source of all hope and wisdom,
we humbly come to You in prayer
for our nation, our people, and our leaders.
We ask Your guidance and patience
as we seek to serve Your lambs 
and in everything to honor Your will.

We pray for those whose names You know,
for people experiencing difficult times,
illness, divorce, death, disappointment,
all of the tough life experiences confronting us.
We pray for the Your will to be known…
that we can, to the best of our ability,
try to follow it and fulfill it, in Your name.
We pray for people in authority.
Help us to consider what they go through,
even when we disagree with them.
Help us find some common ground,
some common understanding
that can make us more empathetic.
We know we won't always succeed,
but let us never fail to try.

Hold Hillary’s heart always
in prayer throughout the day,
because she needs Your strength
and she needs Your support.
Thank you for giving her ears to listen
and a heart and mind to serve
the needs of the people, Your lambs,
to be a leader guided by Your will
in our country and the world.
Protect Hillary from danger
both physical and existential
Help her keep Your will in humility
and empower her to serve Your will
in gratitude and perseverance
All the days of her life.

In Christ’s name, Amen.