20 October 2016

Trump and Hillary: a comparison

In case you missed it, Donald J. Trump and Hillary Rodham Clinton have led diametrically opposed lives. Permit me to make a stark comparison of Trump and Hillary. He is the embodiment of everything we were ever taught is immoral and crude and wicked and ungodly. She is a compassionate, godly woman who makes mistakes but keeps trying to do good. 

Trump has lived a life of self-aggrandizing wealth acquisition and has spent a lifetime demeaning and degrading anyone not himself. 
Hillary has spent a lifetime trying to do good, especially for the most underserved of our society.

Trump, by his nature, has made choices to directly harm others – from competitors, to rivals, to detractors, to cheering for the housing crash for his own greed, to innocent women and girls – to feed his own most venal and self-serving pursuits of bald avarice.

Hillary has made mistakes. Hillary’s mistakes occur while trying to achieve good or address some injustice. Hillary has always tried to achieve positive results for the most people in the most need – for the most underserved in society.

As a young child, as he himself told us in his own book, Trump punched his music teacher in the face. He said of that incident, that he is, essentially, the same person today as that violent playground bully of a child. 
Hillary, as a young girl, worked with her church youth group to help those in need in her town – again, working for the most underserved in society. 

Trump was repeatedly investigated, charged, and paid fines for discriminatory housing practices. In case you missed it: Court ordered fines are the same thing as a conviction.

Hillary went under cover – at personal risk – to fight for the educational rights of African American children in the South.

Trump hired and tried to cheat undocumented Polish immigrant workers and was fined for it – again, a court ordered fine is the same thing as a conviction.

Hillary went in person, to help register Latino farm workers and support groups like Caesar Chavez’s farm laborers rights movement.

Trump cheated on his first wife with a woman he courted IN CHURCH, and pressured that mistress into posing in Playboy.

Hillary taught Sunday school.

Trump wrote, The Art of the Deal. 

Hillary wrote, It Takes a Village.

Trump publicly shamed a Latino Miss Universe beauty queen over and over and over, calling her “Miss Piggy” and “Miss Housekeeping,” making a national scandal about her slight weight gain. 

Hillary declared to the world, in a speech in China, that “Women’s rights are human rights.”

Trump ran a scam with his FAKE university. 

Hillary was in Bible studies and prayer groups on the Hill. 

Trump starred in reality show telling people, “You’re fired!” 

Hillary told the world, at the Geneva Accord, that “Gay rights are human rights.”