08 January 2018

Prayer for Peace of Mind and Calm In Our Struggle

Merciful and loving Father of peace and redemption
In this time, there is fear in our hearts, Lord
Fear for the future and for the hope of our children.
Fear and worry bear us down and lay weighted
Heavy upon our hearts and our minds.

We hear hatred shouted from mouths claiming Your name, Father.
It tears at our hearts, and it disquiets our minds,
And, it wars against our peace in Your grace.
We feel the world becoming dark and frightening,
We see a world overwhelmed by hatred and violence.

We see that hatred manifested against the least of Your children
But we still hear Your commands and read in Your Word,
In Christ, to treat humanity with kindness and love.
Please surround us with Your hedge of protection, Omnipotent Lord.
Holy Lord, we seek Your solace and the Holy Spirit’s guidance

Teach us to turn our words to Your purpose.
Father in Heaven, we seek Your healing grace
We plead for intercession in hearts and minds.
Lay Your loving outreach upon all human hearts.
All Mighty Father, we raise up our cause to be perfected
In Your love, to fulfill Your mission for all our neighbors.

"May the meditations of our hearts
be acceptable in Thy sight,
Oh Lord, our strength and our redeemer.”
~In Jesus’ Holy name
We pray all believing,