31 January 2018

It's Not An Emotion

It’s not an emotion…
just a feeling of the hour…
Is it our privilege?
Is this why our souls cower
in the dark all alone
in absence of its light?
We are all lost without
this word’s four letter might.

Life seems dim and lonely.
Lost, it feels most like a curse.
Crushed by low betrayal…
Sentiment born in a hearse…
But… what might we be
when we turn from the cold?
What might be our new fate
if our path may be so bold?

Between two lonely hearts…
a bond forged in loyalty…
a gift to birth our hope…
we find strength in honesty.
In it’s throes we revel…
an assured companion ours.
The heart of warmth and light 
On our future dream flowers

This pledge is an embrace
all the gift that is True Love
Love’s not an emotion 
It’s much more than we dreamed of
Love is more than passion…
always more than honest…
Love’s not an emotion.
My heart, Love is a promise.

©19 January 2015
D. Denise Dianaty