22 May 2015

Poem: “the new god… Technology”

A poem about our growing disconnectedness in our virtual world of social media and technology…

It seems we're becoming a world
isolated from meaningful touch.
I remember writing reams of pages
on oh so delicately scented,
tastefully detailed stationary…
There was a texture and
a weight to the pages, to the words
that seem lost now on a screen.

Making the trip to the mailbox
to turn up that little red flag,
there for everyone to see…
Telling the world I’m here…
Letting the postman know
that there was a letter…
An important correspondence
by him to be delivered

When he’d gone… pay attention!
The flag had been put down!
I remember receiving letters…
Pages in which life was poured out,
penned to share a connection…
Feeling so grown-up, so special…
Important enough for someone
to have taken that time for me.

I miss that… don’t you?
I miss the sending and receiving.
Something has been lost…
Something important… tangible…
Something indefinably precious
has been sacrificed
on the alter of a new god…
Of the god… Technology.

"The Second Commandment (according to the Jewish tradition), “You shall have no other gods before me,” does not simply refer to stone idols of Moses’ day. “Other gods” are anything that we “worship” more than God—money, power, love, education, a nation, or art.” ~excerpt from Crosswalk “10 Facts You Didn’t Know About the Ten Commandments”

by D. Denise Dianaty
© 28 September 2015

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