28 July 2016

Bernie Sanders supporters #ForwardIntoHope

I keep seeing Bernie’s supporters saying that four years of Trump won’t destroy America. If you think this country can survive four or eight years of Trump, you’ve not paid attention to history. Democracy can fall… yes, even in America. If a man is elected who says he’ll command our troops to commit war crimes, our American constitutional democratic republic will fall. If a man who openly calls for foreign espionage upon Americans is elected, democracy in the nation will fall. If a man is elected who does not honor our allied agreements and contemplates nuclear holocaust even against our allies, American democracy will die – and it will take the whole world with it.

If you think our America can survive Trump, you’ve not been paying attention to the words that are coming from his mouth – he is not speaking Venusian… He’s not even speaking English as an American… Trump’s only language is one of greed and fear and anger and hate. 

I cannot fathom how anyone cannot see that Trump’s entire life stands in contrast to Hillary’s entire life. Moreover, no Bernie supporter can deny that Everything about Trump, for his entire life, stands in the utmost stark contrast to Bernie Sanders’ entire life. So, okay… Bernie didn’t win the nomination. However, Bernie’s revolution has created real and substantive change in the DNC – at least as much change in this past year as all the combined change since the Civil Right’s Movement. I genuinely believe that Bernie’s revolution will go down in history on the list just behind the Emancipation Proclamation and the Civil Rights Movement. Anyone who walks away from the DNC now walks away from that real progressive advancement and the hard fought changes Bernie Sanders brought to the entire ideal of progressivism and within the DNC. Anyone who serves personal animosity over that substantive change Bernie Sanders has already made and will continue to make has given in to animosity and turned their back on hope – has given in to defeat… has given in to fear and anger… has given in to hate.

I get it: Protest votes feel good – they’re the equivalent of using dad’s prized World Series baseball, signed by the whole winning team, to play fetch with the dog. You showed him! Dad’s baseball is destroyed forever, but… Ultimately, you’re the one who ends in the doghouse. 

Voting for the hope that is the foundation of the platform of the DNC is not rewarding anyone for perceptions of misbehavior. It is as simple as embracing Bernie’s revolutionary ideal of hope. That is the real choice we make with our votes; we choose either fear or hope. 

On a personal note, I will NEVER vote for anyone who doesn’t already know that America is still the greatest country and the strongest democracy on this earth. I will NEVER vote FOR anger and animosity. I will NEVER vote FOR fear.

I will be marching #ForwardIntoHope with the DNC and Bernie Sanders and Madam President, Hillary Rodham Clinton.