31 July 2016

What are the weapons of EVIL?

It’s a simple distinction. Ask yourself, what are the WEAPONS of real EVIL? For all of human existence, in every culture, in every society, in every country – the weapons of EVIL are: bigotry; dissent; threats both physical and existential; bullying; greed; fear and hate. You have one candidate embodying all those weapons with every utterance.

PLEASE, AMERICANS: We are NOT just electing our POTUS. We are electing the leader of the free world. The leader of the free world CANNOT – nay, MUST NOT be a cheating, greedy, thieving, adulterous, fraudulent, racketeering, mobbed-up, Pro-Russian, despotic, hate-mongering, bullying, isolationistic, misogynistic, xenophobic, bigoted, incest-fantasizing, porn fiend and narcissistic sociopath and fascist with nothing to offer except his personally branded flaming gilded sh*tstorm!

Trump is the antipathy of our American ideal. Anyone who has endorsed him should never see public office again. He has only the most degrading vision of our nation – he doesn’t even like America! His is a message of degradation, hate, and division, of pitting us against each other. Anyone in the GOP who refuses to condemn him is, by tacit approval, endorsing Trump and everything for which he stands. Trump and everyone who supports him, or in any way enables him to win the Whitehouse, are betraying our nation and the entire free world.

“Hate is an insatiably ravenous and contagious mental illness that will devour us all; it requires substantive and qualified psychiatric treatment.” ~MomzillaNC

You have Trump legitimizing the degradation of women and girls – legitimizing rape culture – and of white supremacy and he’s pitting us against each other. Then, you have the other candidate calling for more love and kindness; for us to unite and be stronger together, calling for tolerance and compassion; for unity and hope. 

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The World and FREEDOM is being consumed by hate. America’s president remains the leader of the free world. Pay attention voters: We are choosing the leader of the free world!

There is only one candidate whose message is of what’s good in America… of our unity in these UNITED States of America. There is only one candidate calling for more love and kindness, more tolerance and compassion… and reminding us that, as Americans, we are and always have been #StrongerTogether. There is only one candidate who looks at America and sees promise… she looks forward and offers HOPE. How can there still be a question about whom you should choose? 

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   * * * * *  I CHOOSE HOPE! #ForwardIntoHope  * * * * *   
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