12 July 2016

Trump has already damaged our futures…

The TRUTH of what Trump has already done to this nation: WHAT HAPPENS WHEN THE ELECTION IS OVER?

How do we forget the hate, the bigots who came out in such numbers to support a misogynist xenophobe for whom no one – not even a Native American – is “American” enough not to be targeted by him and his supporters? 

Are we to believe these people will suddenly have a change of heart and stop being bigots against us?

Trump’s rhetoric and his supporters have exposed a deep chasm of hate in our national society. It isn’t something that is just going to go away after Election2016. It’s an evil revealed to be deeply ingrained in today’s GOP voting bloc. But, it’s also been exposed in non-affiliated voters, in libertarian voters, even in democratic voters. It seems half the nation’s decisions are driven by the evils of hate and fear. 

Fear fuels hate. “Hate is an insatiably ravenous and contagious mental illness that will devour us all; it requires substantive and qualified psychiatric treatment.” ~MomzillaNC 

The evils of hate and fear cannot look forward because they lack faith and Faith. They are both backward looking attributes, fixated on some fantasy of a NEVER-WAS-time-when-things-were-better. History has shown us how our divisions may be used against us all: let us be educated by that history. It’s so easy to hate; Fear never takes effort. Fear and hate come from reaching inward to the darkest places in our hearts, the places where evil hides away from our Faith. 

Looking forward… choosing hope… that takes constant work, always reaching outward… looking up… always drawing on a self-renewing well of hope and of faith… faith in ourselves… faith in the better nature of humanity… faith that we truly are Stronger Together… faith in our Faith.