04 February 2018

Acrostic poem: My Forever Valentine

My Forever Valentine

My forever Valentine
You will always be in my heart

Fidelity and loyalty are my pledge
One heart of love laid bare for you
Reverently made an altar to Love
Endowed with sanctity by your devotion
Veracity writ in your every glance
Enduring loyalty and sustaining love
Reverently offered in your gentle touch

Valentine’s Day and every day
Are ours ever and forevermore
Love plucked down from the stars
Entwining our two hearts in one
Nestling here in our embrace
Testifying God’s great gift to us
In gentle, softly whispered kisses
Nature blessed our noble hearts to
Encircle our souls united across all time

by D. Denise Dianaty
© 04 February 2015

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