20 November 2015

A Child Cries

A watering hole dries up
     and the milk cow dies
          Hungry, a child cries

On battles rage as the village
     burns ‘neath blue skies
          Bloodied, a child cries

A mother, taken, weeps
     from beaten, swollen eyes
          Frightened, a child cries

Hatred grows, terror is loosed
     Humanity lost as the arrow files
          Orphaned, a child cries

A child grows with no hope
     eating only hatred’s lies
          Broken, a child cries

Hatred puts a gun in a child’s hands
     While the world cries
          And the child dies

by D. Denise Dianaty 
© 20 Nov 2015

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22 September 2015

Prayer for Comfort

Merciful and Loving Father in Heaven,
You are the source of Light in the earth,
The comfort and freedom of my soul
Every day is a struggle, weighing upon me
The world moves on, bustling and wrangling
Lord, I stumble often in my Life’s journey
Feeling misunderstood and isolated
It’s a struggle to find the blessing of comfort,
To keep holding on to my peace and hope
Guide me Lord, be my strength and my comfort
You alone are my peace and my hope
I know yours will always be the steady hand
Which guides me and catches me when I stumble
Bless my heart with gratitude and peace
Guide me by your Grace and will in this world
~ Amen

D. Denise Dianaty
© 22 September 2015

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06 August 2015

My True Friend

Without her, the sister of my heart, Id never have become the person with whom my husband fell in love… Id never have this NOW.


My True Friend

When others saw what they wanted me to be…
My true friend saw who I desired to see.
My true friend held up a mirror…
Showed the deeper me did endure.

When love seemed far beyond my reach…
My true friend did stop to teach
How love would grow from love within,
Not outward signs nor raucous din.

When love within seemed hard to find…
My true friend always was kind,
Loyal and true, a guide undaunted…
Though by doubt t’was I haunted.

With oft gentle reflection…
And sometimes annoyed intercession…
My true friend taught me to grow,
Refused to let me be laid low.

My decisions tho’ oft confusing,
Never turned my friend’s inducing…
Led me ever to deeper understanding…
The seeds of worth t’was planting.

Much frolic and laughter shared…
My true friend always cared
To make me whole and complete.
T’was the first I knew without deceit.

A bond and spiritual kinship…
Taught to me true friendship.
My true friend, the sister of my heart…
Even distance cannot part.

A beacon’s light I ever see…
My true friend will always be
She who taught me myself to love,
And opened my life to blessings above.

This poem is dedicated to Diane, sister of my heart and devoted godmother to my son. These words are too small to adequately express the blessing she has been on my life.
By D. Denise Dianaty
©23 August 2014

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27 July 2015


by D. Denise Dianaty

For each, a gift of generosity
From Granny's doting heart
I loved the Pop! Pop! Rattle! Tumble!
O'colored beads tossed within th'globe
Sister got the rolling scene pastoral
With tinkling, tumbling, music box sound

Run around and run around and run around…
Laughing… rolling 'em 'cross the ground.
Suddlenly… shockingly… Sister snatches that
Pop! Pop! rattling globe from me…
And toddles off with't joyfully
I'm left in a moment's consternation
O'er the injustice of it all…
A shrug… a giggle… Plop! I sit!
And happily twiddle round the scene pastoral
Delighted, enthralled with the tumbling
Tinkling, twinkling, music box sound
Chime and ting and chink-a-tink

Dash! And WHACK! Crashed 'cross my head!
Flash of stars and black blaze before my eyes
Bright twinkles on the edge of sight
Warm, itchy dribbles down my forehead
Sister giggles now and toddles away
Gone off now with both gifts - HEY!

D. Denise Dianaty
©30 August 2014

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30 June 2015


Is there anyone reading this who wouldn’t like to see MODESTY return to our culture? It seems that TMI has become the rule of the day. “Over-sharing” is now a thing. “Over-exposed” used to mean casting too much light onto a negative when taking a picture, or burning the image too long into the photo-paper when you printed the picture. Those terms sound like they should be something to avoid; yet, they seem to have become common goals in our social-media driven culture. Modesty in any form has become itself a cultural wrong. 

You don’t wear short-shorts? What’s wrong with you? A one piece bathing suit… without cutouts or see-through bits; and with a cover up too? You must be Taliban or something? You’re single and don’t have sex? Something’s wrong with you You’re Christian and straight but don’t loudly preach it and condemn gays? You’re not Christian enough. You’re gay and don’t shout it from the rooftops? You’re ashamed. You’re a liberal? You’re wrong-headed! You’re a conservative? You’re an idiot! Why aren’t you sharing post-coital selfies? You’re a prude! You PRAY before meals? What planet are you from?

Frankly, I’m tired of knowing what’s going on in anyone’s bedroom. I’m tired of the government and the too-cool-for-God, too-connected-for-compassion world trying to see into other people’s personal and private lives. I’m tired of being made to feel there’s something not right in me because I won’t make my private life into public entertainment. 

Just look at reality TV. Is there anything about it that’s not just plain mortifying? When did mortifying become entertainment?

What happened to having just a few, select friends you could count on to be there for you and to inspire you to be better person. What in our culture is failing people that they now need to make every aspect of life into a public and humiliating spectacle? 

28 June 2015

For the Fourth of July: “UNITED we stand…”

07 June 2015

Be A Friend To Make A Friend

"Be a friend to make a friend” ~by D. Denise Dianaty
Friendship Devotional Philosophies
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“Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer. Share with the Lord's people who are in need. Practice hospitality.” 
– NIV Romans 12:12-13

We’ve all felt the exclusion of our peers, as kids (and, sadly, as adults) and seen our “friends” look away or even join in our exclusion not to be themselves excluded. We may even have done the same. But, what a stunning memory is that friend who takes our part, stands with us, facing down that risk of being excluded themselves. Shares a kind word, lifts us up, and reminds us that there is joy and hope in the world for us too. This is when we begin to understand true friendship. 
– NIV Romans 12:12, “Be joyful in hope ...”

Other times, when life seems to be an ever burdening weight, a friend will commiserate with you, share their own burdens with you and try to help you carry yours. We learn our understanding of friendship and the fulfillment we receive from it in knowing that we are not alone in our suffering. We are lifted out of our misery little by little by the love and compassion of friends, and by learning to look outside ourselves to uplift those around us with our own love and compassion. We learn that we are stronger and together. 
– NIV Romans 12:12, “... patient in affliction ...”

Then, the simple act of prayer, of knowing someone is dedicated to our needs and lifts us up in prayer gives us hope and strength. And praying for others, lightens our own hearts and teaches us that, sometimes, a still and listening heart will lift us up and create bonds that last a lifetime. 
– NIV Romans 12:12, “... faithful in prayer.”

What greater act of friendship is there than to have a friend stand shoulder to shoulder, without expectation, to help us in our need? What more telling reflection of Christian example could we possible exhibit than to be that friend who steps up? 
– NIV Romans 12:13, “Share with the Lord’s people who are in need ...”

Perhaps the most personal act of friendship we can exhibit is to invite someone into our homes. It’s such an intimate act of trust between friends. To be invited into a person’s home is an invitation into their lives. To reciprocate is an acknowledgment of that person’s friendship. Inviting someone into our home is taking down those walls we all build to protect ourselves from the hurts of this world. The simple act of hospitality is an act of trust, of belief in the better nature we want to see in humanity. 
– NIV Romans 12:13, “Practice hospitality.”

Finally, together, we are stronger and in that strength, we can do more and share more of the love of Christ with all the world. What greater expression of our friends and our friendships than that we support each other and work together to do good in the world.
– Hebrews 13:16 “And do not forget to do good and to share with others, for with such sacrifices God is pleased.”

I put this together a long time ago. I’ve lost track of what my inspiration and sources were, other than the noted scriptures. These are just some observations and philosophies on friendship I chose to share.

D. Denise Dianaty
© 07 June 2015

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01 June 2015

Poem: “To the Me That Was…”

A commentary in poetical form to myself at the age of thirteen, when things were at their worst and despair seemed to be the only future ahead…

You there… yes… you
You’re the me that was.
I’m the me who’ll be you.
A chance to end is lost.

No love behind her gate…
Another year has gone.
Just lost… lost in her hate…
Beaten down… down… down… done.

I know you wanna die.
Think you’ll end all the lies.
Again secreted the tools… sigh
The means of your demise…

Starving yourself to perfect
some ideal upon you shamed,
with no one near to protect
from her vision on you profaned.

Another Summer’s on the horizon
At hand now’s a short reprieve
Don’t despair… she never won
Off to Gran’s where love you’ll receive

These Summers are your respite
from the unremitting torment.
In those halcyon days will joy flit,
until home again you must be sent.

You’ll survive her madness
and leave her insanity behind.
Life will shine for you, I promise,
Coming to you, a heart and eyes so kind.

I swear to you, by all Heaven,
More love and joy will come
Than all the suffering she’ll leaven.
For each dark day, a hundred in the sun…

Love and joy so much better
Than you can imagine of a lover
Pressed down, shaken together…
I pledge… yes, and running over… 

Whispered kisses and a healing space…
A lover strong and kind and bright…
A gentle heart of endless grace…
Ebony eyes will shine with Love’s light…

They will shine only for you 
and for the person you will become in me.

by D. Denise Dianaty

© 19 November 2014 MomzillaNC

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30 May 2015

“Sepulchre Seduction”

Sepulchre Seduction

A blackening heart…
In a darkening soul…
A love given in joy…
Wasted in loathsome betrayal
Of an honest heart,
Offered up in sacrifice
On the alter of your conceit.

In the gloaming of your soul,
Cry tonight for the times we had.
Try… try to whisper me a kiss…
And a new dark will rise…
Seething all consuming pain…
Thirst that never may be quenched…
Lost and wonton in sepulchre seduction.

An old poem from a time before True Love found me…

by D. Denise Dianaty

© 14 August 2015 MomzillaNC

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25 May 2015

The Dance Plays On…

The Dance Plays On…
Please buy this haunting tale of transcendent love…

by D. Denise Dianaty
© 12 October 2014

All copy and poetry and originally created art are the original intellectual property of D. Denise Dianaty who retains sole ownership

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22 May 2015

Poem: “the new god… Technology”

A poem about our growing disconnectedness in our virtual world of social media and technology…

It seems we're becoming a world
isolated from meaningful touch.
I remember writing reams of pages
on oh so delicately scented,
tastefully detailed stationary…
There was a texture and
a weight to the pages, to the words
that seem lost now on a screen.

Making the trip to the mailbox
to turn up that little red flag,
there for everyone to see…
Telling the world I’m here…
Letting the postman know
that there was a letter…
An important correspondence
by him to be delivered

When he’d gone… pay attention!
The flag had been put down!
I remember receiving letters…
Pages in which life was poured out,
penned to share a connection…
Feeling so grown-up, so special…
Important enough for someone
to have taken that time for me.

I miss that… don’t you?
I miss the sending and receiving.
Something has been lost…
Something important… tangible…
Something indefinably precious
has been sacrificed
on the alter of a new god…
Of the god… Technology.

"The Second Commandment (according to the Jewish tradition), “You shall have no other gods before me,” does not simply refer to stone idols of Moses’ day. “Other gods” are anything that we “worship” more than God—money, power, love, education, a nation, or art.” ~excerpt from Crosswalk “10 Facts You Didn’t Know About the Ten Commandments”

by D. Denise Dianaty
© 28 September 2015

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